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A personal umbrella liability policy is called an 'umbrella' policy because it provides liability coverage over and above standard auto insurance or homeowners insurance. It offers protection against large and potentially damaging liability claims and judgment.

It’s one of the key protections your client can have to protect them after other insurance limits have been reached. The challenge can be finding the right coverage your client needs and making it easy for them to understand how it will protect them in case of an emergency.

That’s where RT Specialty can help. We’ll analyze your client’s need and find the right coverage mix to meet that need.

This coverage can include:

  • Operators between ages 23 and 75 with up to 4 violations and 3 accidents
  • Operators under age 23 or over 75 with up to 3 violations and 2 accidents
  • Unlimited Autos (including motorcycles & motorhomes), Recreational Vehicles, Boats, and Persoanl Watercraft
  • Homes with protected swimming pools
  • Watercraft up to 26ft with speeds not in excess of 50 mph
  • Applicants with open liability claims
  • Households with up to 2 drug and/or alcohol related offenses

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