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For some clients they need more than just the standard liability coverage. Because of their circumstances they need more of a universal property insurance approach to protecting their assets. This special liability coverage can help protect those with secondary homes, dwellings under construction, short-term rentals, vacant land and more.

RT Specialty can help agent’s identify their client’s need, and find the right coverage to fit their individual circumstances.

This coverage can include:

  • Owners of up to four family dwellings, condo units, and mobile homes
  • Secondary/Seasonal Dwellings
  • Short-Term Rentals
  • Dwellings with a business exposure including in-home daycares
  • Vacant Land up to 250 acres
  • High profile applicants
  • Dwellings under construction or renovations where the insured is not the general contractor
  • Liability loss withing the past 5 years

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